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Faculty of the Month - October-November - 2013

Mrs N Annapurna was born in Trichur, Kerala and grew up at Calcutta.

Mrs N Annapurna was born in Trichur, Kerala and grew up at Calcutta. She did her schooling at Carmel Convent there and graduated with honours in Chemistry from Lady Brabourne College. She then got married and went with her husband to different places. As a result she was able to pick up languages and knows English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and little bit of Kannada/Marathi. She started working when she was in Hyderabad and did a BEd later through correspondence. She also did her masters in English and finished MPhil theory but did not complete the dissertation as she did not feel it was important at that point. Just left it at that did not feel it very important to complete it. She went for an ELP (Education for leadership) course conducted by the Kuruvilla Jacob Foundation which was really good. She enjoys teaching, motivating students, working on creative projects,and helping people as much as possible. She likes reading and music and many of of her joyous moments have been spent with books in libraries. She has a love for the metaphysical and have done Reiki, pranic healing and courses offered by Art of Living & Isha Yoga. Through British Council's Global School Partnership programme got a chance to visit a school in UK and has met some lovely people and made many great friends there. Working with Sevalaya has brought in many new opportunities to work in diverse fields and she is enjoying this learning experience .

She is so humble, that she says she doesn't know much. That she has not really gone about this profession in a systematic way acquiring the required degrees but exposure to various experiences in life have been exciting and educative.